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Maison Madeleine sells decorative arts from the energetic city of Marseille, its hometown. The
colors, light, and buzz in this vibrant air inspire our work. Joyful and extravagant Marseille never
fails to impress. Maison Medeleine combines the soul of this ancient Greek colony with revered
French know-how and aesthetics.
Audrey Colombani, one of the founders of this company— along with Jessie Hessmann
and Thomas Cantoni—(re)discovered the art of trimmings when she opened one of her
grandmother’s old chests. This revelation gave rise to the first bright and colorful pillows, crafted
with care by the two designers. At the same time, Madie began to take form: the white table with
brass inlays reflects the spirit of this sun-filled Mediterranean city. 
Each object is handcrafted by local artists, who pay particular attention to the materials they use
by focusing on high-quality and organic movement. The fabrics and fringe come from the finest
French manufacturers. Each object is part of a limited series that fulfills our company's vision of

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